Covid Information Champions

The Covid Information Champions project is a programme that uses local networks to train peer educators, so they can share key messaging with friends, families and local communities. Placing these Covid Information Champions in the community could make a massive difference in helping to keep everyone safe 

How it Works

Every week public Health will provide key messages, that will be passed on to Communities Help Hertfordshire (CHH) and Community Development Action (CDA) Herts.

CHH and CDA will then distribute the messaging to the chosen champions, as well as other organisations, for them to share within their networks. The latest information, national and local guidance, and advice will be passed around the community.

The key target groups for messaging will include young families, BAME groups, rural communities, older people, disabled people, refugees and the homeless.

The Information Shared By CIC’s Could Include:

  • Local Test and Trace Service and NHS COVID-19 app promotion
  • Mental Health support available
  • Regular data snapshots
  • FAQs and myth busting
  • Vaccine updates
  • HertsHelp and crisis intervention services available


COVID Information Champion Welcome Pack

Click the Button Below to access our Covid Information Champion pack that provides information on the following;

  • What a COVID Information Champion is
  • How the network works
  • How to sign up
  • What information you will receive