Community Information Champions

The Community Information Champions programme utilizes people who are connected with the local community, to raise awareness of wellbeing activities, crime prevention, good health and health interventions, and improving community connectivity. By taking positive action you can play a key part in improving the well-being of your community.

If you would like to become a Community Information Champion please get in touch with us. All volunteers will be given a thorough induction to equip you for the role and build your confidence in approaching difficult subjects.

How It Works

Community Champions talk to people – friends, family, neighbours, colleagues, acquaintances – and share their knowledge about health and wellbeing, and what makes communities healthy.

They help people to make healthier choices, share information about what support is available, and encourage people to take more interest in their health. They also make sure the people in their communities can find reliable information, particularly around health and wellbeing.

As a Community Information Champion, you will be able to actively make a difference within your community. The hours for this role are flexible, but volunteers will need to commit to a minimum of 3 months


Roles of a Community Champion

  • Contacting the community – reaching out to friends and family, meeting local community groups or even setting up a group of your own.
  • Listening to people – finding out residents’ health and social care needs, around healthy eating, exercise, mental health and wellbeing.
  • Carrying out community outreach – providing a presence within an agreed local community by participating in local events and fairs.
  •  Signposting residents – making relevant referrals and informing people of the local services available.
  • Providing feedback to CVS organisations – helping influence local service providers, including the NHS, local council and neighbourhood forums.
  • Organising events & campaigns – raising awareness and collecting information surrounding health issues in your local area.

Champion Welcome Pack

Contact Us To Get Involved

Email us with your interest in the Community Information Champion project to get involved in improving wellbeing in our community.